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 (1) [           ]you been to Osaka ?

 (2) [           ]he go there with you last week ?

 (3) [           ]the book read by many people now ?

 (4) [           ]he cut those trees evey day ?

 (5) [           ] I put this dictionary ? - I'm sorry, but you can't.

2.次の2つの文を、[ ]の中の単語を使って1つの文にしなさい。

 (1) She was busy three days ago. She is still busy. [ been / for ]

 (2) I came here two years ago. I'm here now. [ lived / since ]

 (3) He went to England last year. He came back here. [ to / before ]

 (4) She started her homework. She can't finish it. [ yet ]

 (5) The view is very beautiful. This is my first time to see. [ seen ]


 (1) He has been to America.
     ア.He has been in America for three years.
     イ.He has gone to America.
     ウ.He has never been to America.

 (2) She has been sick since last week.
     ア.Has she ever been absent from school ?
     イ.She has been absent from school since seven days ago.
     ウ.She has already been absent from school.

 (3) I have just finished my homework.
     ア.I haven't answerd the question yet.
     イ.I haven't answerd the question for a week.
     ウ.I have ever answerd the question before.

 (4) I have been in there for five days.
     ア.How long have you been there ?
     イ.How often have you been there ?
     ウ.How many times have you been there ?

 (5) I have ever met her three times.
     ア.I have known her for three years.
     イ.I have often met her.
     ウ.I have already met her.


 (1) 誰かここに来たことがありますか?

 (2) 彼は自分の部屋で2時間ずっと勉強しています。

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