■ Hello School 英語 練習問題(ハロ英) Lesson 22 強調・倒置・省略  ■

 (1) It was three that Hiroyuki bought this expensive book at that time

 (2) It was this expensive book that Hiroyuki bought there at that time.

 (3) It was Hiroyuki that bought this expensive book there at that time.

 (4) It was at that time that Hiroyuki bought this expensive book there.

 (5) It was expensive that Hiroyuki bought this book there at that time.


 (1) Never have I seen such a beatiful view.

 (2) Little did I think that he would help me.

 (3) So great was his contribution that we could apply to life.

 (4) Not only did he do speedy, but he also did correctly.

 (5) Tired as I was, I went to bed.


 (1) I asked him to poen the window, but he hasn't[           ]

 (2) When [           ]a boy, I used to play the game.

 (3) Of the three students, the tallest [           ] is Takenori.

 (4) She looks health, but she isn't really [           ]

 (5) Though [           ]very tired, he studied all night.

4.次の日本文を It で始め、太字を強調するように英文に直しなさい。

 (1) 琵琶湖はが最も美しい。

 (2) 放課後テニスをしたのは聡美ではなく私です

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