■ Hello School 英語 (ハロ英 Ver.2) Lesson 18 比較 Part.5  ■


Hi, Manami.
How is your illness?

 My mental disorder will not get better.
 As I was absent from school yesterday,
 I can't understand my science homework.
 Science is as difficult as math for me.

By the way, what are you planning to do
after you graduate this school?

 I will concentrate on my treatment.

 You should go on to high school together.

 I want to do but it's too heavy for me.
 I will do my best till I graduate this school.
 I will study as hard as you.

We don't study as hard as you.

 You study ten times as hard as us.
 Anyway, think twice.

 I will think as firmly as possible.


as 〜 as 同じくらい〜
plan(ning) 〜を計画する
concentrate 集中する
treatment 治療
too とても
times 〜倍
anyway とにかく
think twice 考え直す
firmly しっかりと
as 〜 as possible できるだけ〜

(1)as 〜 as
「AはBと同じくらい〜」と表現するときは、A as 形容詞または副詞の原級 as B の形にする。

This question is as difficult as that one.   (この問題はあの問題と同じくらい難しい。)
A 形容詞の原級 B    

He studies as hard as her.   (彼は彼女と同じくらい熱心に勉強します。)
A 副詞の原級 B    

(2)not as 〜 as
「AはBほどで〜ではない」と表現するときは、not as 〜 asの形にする。

This flower  is not as beatiful as that one. (この花はあの花ほど美しくない。)
A   B  
  = That flower is more beatiful than this one.        

(3)as 〜 asを用いた表現
数字+times as 〜 as ―(―の…倍〜)
He is three times as old as her. (彼は彼女の3倍年上です。)

twice as 〜 as −(−の2倍〜)
He is twice as old as her. (彼は彼女の2倍年上です。)

half as 〜 as −(−の2倍〜)
He is half as old as her. (彼は彼女の半分の年齢です。)

as 〜 as possible(できるだけ〜)
Study as hard as possible. (できるだけ熱心に勉強しなさい。)

as 〜 as+主語+can(できるだけ〜)
Study as hard as you can. (できるだけ熱心に勉強しなさい。)
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