■ Hello School 英語 (ハロ英 Ver.2) Lesson 12 未来形 Part.1  ■

We have a homework about "my dream" or "my future".
I can't imagine.

 That's sad. I'm going to do this homework with my friend.
 Hi, Manami.

 Hi, Haromi. Who is he?

 He is my friend, Sukuo.

Nice to meet you.

 Nice to meet you, too. I am Manami.
 I transferred to this school last week. Haromi is classmate.
 I have a mental disorder. I'm not a ordinary girl.


 What are you talking about?

 About my dream and my future. He can't imagine his future.

My grades is bad. And I can't play the piano, guitar
and violin. I can't sports. I can't see my future.

 Me, too. But you are normal.
 I can't go on to a high school. And I can't work in the future.
 But I can have my dream.

That's right.

 "Have a big dream and you aren't going to get lost."
 I like this phrase.
 Everyone bullied me at the previous school.

Everyone ignored me. 
 The teachers and my parents also ignored me, too.

 That's too terrible.

But everyone can have a dream.
 Sukuo, you can find it in the future.

 Are you going to graduate this school?

 Yes, I am. I'm going to graduate with you next year.

 You are our friend. OK?

 OK. You are the first friends in junior high school life.


future   将来、未来
imagine   想像する
sad   悲しい
be going to   〜するつもりです
transfer(red)    移る
classmate   同級生 
mental   精神の
disorder   障害
mental disorder   精神障害
ordinary   ふつうの
grade(s)    成績、学年
guitar   ギター
violin   ヴァイオリン
see   〜を見る、会う
nomal   標準の 
go on   進む
work   働く
That's right   その通り
and   (命令文の後)
lost   失う、失った
get lost   迷う 
phrase   言い回し、フレーズ
everyone   だれもが
bully(ied)   いじめる
previous   前の
ignore(d)   無視する
also   〜もまた
terrible   ひどい
That's too terrible   とてもひどいです
find   見つける
guraduate   卒業する
next 次の
next year   来年
become   〜になる
first   最初の
junior high school   中学校
life   生活

(1)未来形(be going to)
be動詞の現在形+going to+動詞の原形をおくと未来を表すことができる。

現在の肯定文 He visits   America.  (彼はアメリカを訪問します。)
be going to He is going to visit America.  (彼はアメリカを訪問するつもりです。)

(2)be going toの否定文・疑問文
「〜するつもりではありません」と、be going toの否定文を作るときは、
be動詞の現在形+not+going to+動詞の原形にする。

「〜するつもりですか」と、be going toの疑問文を作るときは、be動詞の現在形をはじめに置き
going to+動詞の原形にする。

肯定文   You are going to read the book.  (あなたはその本を読むつもりです。)
否定文   You are not going to read the book.  (あなたはその本を読むつもりではありません。)
疑問文 Are you   going to read the book?  (あなたはその本を読むつもりですか。)
      Yes, I am.
No, I am not

 tomorrow (明日)  this afternoon (今日の午後)  soon (まもなく)
 next week (来週)  next month (来月)  next year (来年)
 the day after tomorrow (あさって)  in the future (将来)
 some day (いつか)  in an hour (1時間したら)
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