■ Hello School 英語 (ハロ英 Ver.2) Lesson 13 助動詞 Part.3  ■

Hi, Haromi.
I passed the exam of science yesterday.
Did you pass the exam?

 No, I didn't. I must study hard.
 Manami also didnt pass the exam.

Manami is absent from school.

 I sent an e-mail, but I have no reply.
 She must be sick now.
 She lost her confidence yesterday.
 She is going to come to school tomorrow.
 You must not talk to her about the exam.

Must I care anything else?

 Yes, you must.
 You have to give courage to her.
 She has to recover her mental.

I had to be more careful.

 We will have to be more careful from now on.

Will she come to school tomorrow?

 I received an e-mail from her now.
 She says,"You do not have to worry.
 Let's meet at school tomorrow."

That's good.
By the way, do you have to do homework today?

 Yes, I do. I have to study science.

I will help you with your homework.


must   〜しなければならない
hard   熱心に
sent   send(〜を送る)の過去形
reply   返事
sick   病気の
lost   lose(失う)の過去形
confidence   自信
care   注意する
else   他に
anything else    他に何か
have to 〜しなければならない
courage   勇気
recover 回復する、取り戻す
more もっと
careful 注意深く
from now on これから
receive(d) 〜を受け取る
worry 心配する
meet   〜に会う


She must read books.   (彼女は本を読まなければならない。)
It must be sunny tomorrow..   (明日は晴れに違いない。)

(2)must not
must notは、「〜してはいけない」とmay notよりも強い禁止を表す。
must notはmustn'tと短縮形を用いる場合もある。
You must not swim in this river.   (この川で泳いではいけない。)
You mustn't waste your money.   (お金を無駄にしてはいけない。)


  Must I wash the car? (車を洗わなければなりませんか。)
    Yes, you must.
No, you
don't have to.

(4)have(has) to
mustは、have(has) to+動詞の原形に置き換えることもできる。

肯定文 I have to go there.   (私はそこに行かなければならない。)
否定文 I don't  have to go there.   (私はそこに行く必要がない。)
疑問文 Do you have to go there.?   (あなたはそこに行かなければなりませんか。)

(5)had to
「〜しなければならなかった」と表現するときは、haveを過去形にして、had to+動詞の原形を使う。

 He had to work at that time. (彼はその時働かなければならなかった。)

(6)will have to
「〜しなければならないでしょう」と、willとmustを同時に表現するときは、will have to+動詞の原形を使う。

 She will have to work in the future. (彼女は将来働かなければならないでしょう。)
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