■ Hello School 英語 (ハロ英 Ver.2) Lesson 18 比較 Part.4  ■


Hi, Haromi.
Is Manami absent from school today?

 I heard she went to the hospital.
 But she is going to come to school tomorrow.

She is great.
I can't believe that she passed the difficult exam.

 She always makes efforts to overcome herself.
 Most of the students just take their classes without a purpose.
 I am one of them.

She is one of the most excellent students in our school now.
She studies harder than any other student.
But she said that she could not go on to high school because of
mental disorder.

 I hope her future will change.
 I'll persuade her.
 I want to spend my high school life with her.

I worry about her illness.
I hope her illness doesn't get worse.

 Nothing is more precious than health.

It's a wonderful phrase.

 Our English teacher taught us today.

I'll talk to Manami when she comes to school.

heard hear(聞く)の過去形
effort(s) 努力
make efforts 努力する
overcome 打ち勝つ
most of A Aのほとんど
just ただ、ちょうど
purpose 目的
one of A Aの1つ(1人)
than any other 〜 他の〜よりも
go on to 〜 〜に進学する
becouse of 〜 〜のために
change 変わる、〜を変える
persuade 〜を説得する
spend 〜を過ごす、費やす
worse bad(悪い)の比較級
nothing   何も〜ない
precious 貴重な
health 健康
wonderful 素晴らしい

(1)most of A
「Aの大部分」、「Aの大半」と表現するときは、most of Aの形にする。

Most of  students have their own dictionary. (生徒の大半は自分の辞書を持っている。)

(2)one of the 最上級
「最も〜の1つ」と表現するときは、one of the 最上級+名詞の複数形の形にする。

He is one of the most cheerful students in our class. (彼はクラスで最も陽気な生徒の1人です。)


比較級+than any other+名詞の単数形(ほかのどの―よりも〜)
Mt, Fuji is higher than any other mountain in Japan. (富士山は日本でほかのどの山よりも高い。)
  = Mt. Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan.         

Nothing(Nobody)+比較級 than A(Aほど〜なものはない)
Nothing is more presious than time. (時間ほど貴重なものはない。)
  = Time is the most precious.         

No (other)+名詞の単数形+比較級 than A(Aよりも―はない)
No (other) boy in our class is taller than him. (クラスで彼よりも背の高い少年はいない。)
単数 A  
  = He is the tallest boy in our class.         
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