■ Hello School 英語 (ハロ英 Ver.2) Lesson 20 現在完了 Part.2  ■


Hi, Mananmi.
I can't solve this math question.

 Show me it.
 This is a question of factorization.
 "a x squared plus a x minus 6 a minus b x squared minus b x plus 6 b."
 I have solved this kind of question once.
 When you solve many questions, you may do it.
 Trial and error is necessary to solve this question.

I have not made an effort.
I think that I don't have much talent for math.

 I don't think so.
 Your father is a professor of math.
 Have you ever studied math with him?

No, I haven't.
He has never taught me math.
There are a lot of only difficult math books in his room.
I didn't want to study math since a primary schoolchild.

 But math of the third grade becomes more and more difficult from now on.
 How many times have you solved the questions of the textbook?

Only once.

 Maybe you can do it again and again.
 I can help you if you want.

I am relieved to hear that.

factorization 因数分解
squared 2乗
minus マイナス
once 1度、かつて
Trial and erro 試行錯誤
make an effort 努力する
talent 才能
ever 今までに
never 今までに〜ない
schoolchild 児童
third 3番目の
from now on これから先
How many times 何回〜?
textbook 教科書
Maybe you can 〜 〜してみたらいいかもしれない
again and again 何度も
I can help you if you want. 日本語訳参照
relieve(d) 安心させる


 I visited there two years ago. (私は2年前にそこを訪問した。) + I visited there last year again. (私は去年再びそこに訪問した。)
I have visited there twice .. (私はそこに2回訪問したことがある。)

 He went there two years ago. (彼は2年前にそこに行った。) + He is here now.. (彼は今ここにいる。)
He has been to there before .. (彼は以前そこに行ったことがあります。)
※have gone toにすると「行ってしまった」という意味になる。


※have been toとhave been inの違い
  He has been to there before .   (私は以前そこに行ったことがあります。)  
He has been in there before . (私は以前そこにいたことがあります。)


肯定文 II have seen the movie many times. (私はその映画を何度も観ています。。)
否定文 I have not seen the movie.   (私はその映画を観たことがありません。)  
  I have never seen the movie.   (私はその映画を観たことがありません。)  

肯定文 I have used this machine once. (私はこの機械を一度使ったことがあります。)
疑問文 Have you ever used this machine? (あなたはこの機械を使ったことがありますか。)  
  Yes, I have.
No, I have not(haven't)
No, I never have.

How many times have you been there? (あなたは何回そこに行ったことがありますか。)
  (I have been there) Three times. (3回です。)  

How often have you been there? (あなたは何回そこに行ったことがありますか。)
  (I have been there) Three times. (3回です。)  

Who has come here? (だれがここに来たことがありますか。)
  She has. (彼女です。)  

Where have you visited? (あなたはどこを訪れたことがありますか。)
  I have visited Japan. (日本です。)  
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