■ Hello School 英語 (ハロ英 Ver.2) Lesson 20 現在完了 Part.3  ■


 Hi, Sukuo.
 We are talking about our school rules.

We have a strange rule in our school rules.
Do you know it, Manami?

 A strange rule? I don't know.

 It's a famous rule.
 In our school, the love is admitted, but the lover is not accepted.

 It's too strange.

Eiko has become the president of the school council.
She has already considered the revision bill.

 She hasn't handed in it to our principal yet.

 How can we change the rule?

We must pass three stages.
First, not less than two-thirds of the teacher general meeting members
must agree with the revision bill.
Next, not less than two-thirds at the PTA general meeting.
Last, more than half at the student general meeting.

 That is very hard.
 Has she made the revision bill yet?

I don't know.
But I'm sure she will succeed.


rule(s) 規則
school rules   校則
love 愛、ここでは恋愛
admit 認める
lover 恋人、ここでは交際
accept 受け入れる
already すでに
consider 考える、検討する
revision bill 改正案
hand in 提出する
principal 校長
yet (否定文で)まだ、(疑問文で)もう
stage 段階
not less than 〜以上、≧
two-thirds 3分の2
general 一般の
meeting 会議
eneral meeting 総会
agree with 〜に同意する
more than 〜よりも大きい、>
half    半分
I'm sure   確信している
succeed   成功する


The news has made her happy. (その知らせは彼女を幸せにさせた。)

肯定文 The news has made her happy. (その知らせは彼女を幸せにさせた。)
否定文 The news has not made her happy.   (その知らせは彼女を幸せにさせませんでした。)  

肯定文 The news has made her happy. (その知らせは彼女を幸せにさせた。)
疑問文 Has the news made her happy? (その知らせは彼女を幸せにさせましたか。)  
  Yes, she has.
No, she has not(hasn't)


I am doing my homework.. (私は宿題をしているところでした。) + I finished my homework just now. (私はちょうど今終えました。)
  I have just finished my homework. .   (私はちょうど宿題を終えたところです。)  



肯定文 II have yust finished my homework. (私はちょうど宿題を終えたところです。)
否定文 I have not finished my homework yet.   (私はまだ宿題を終えていません。)  

肯定文 I have just finished my homework.. (私はちょうど宿題を終えたところです。)
疑問文 Have you   finished your homework yet? (あなたはもう宿題を終えましたか。)  
  Yes, I have.
No, I have not(haven't)
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