■ Hello School 英語 (ハロ英 Ver.2) Lesson 21 不定詞(2) Part.2  ■


Hello, Haromi and Manami.
My brother told me to come here.

 Hi, Sukuharu.
 Sukuo isn't here now.
 By the way, what book do you have?

It is a book of geography.
I asked him to teach me time difference.
Do you know time difference?

 Yes, I do.

 I want you to teach him that till Sukuo comes here.

 Do you know latitude and longitude?

Yes, I do.
Japan is about 135 degrees east longitude.

 England is 0 degrees.
 Do you know that there is a time difference of one hour for longitude every 15 degrees?

I didn't know that.
I would like you to teach me more.

 When one person to stand at 0 degrees east longitude are noon,
 another person to stand at 180 degrees east longitude are midnight.
 There is a 12 hour time difference between 0 degrees and 180 degrees.

Then there is a 9 hour time difference between Japan and England.

 That's right.
 Hi, Sukuo. Sukuharu has already come here.
 I've just taught him time difference.



tell A 不定詞 Aに〜するように言う
eography 地理
ask A 不定詞 Aに〜するよう頼む
time difference 時差
want A 不定詞 Aに〜してもらいたい
latitude 緯度
longitude 経度
degree(s) 度、程度
east longitude 東経
England イギリス
would like A 不定詞 Aに〜してもらいたい
stand 立つ
another 他の
between A and B AとBの間に


I told him to come here. (私は彼にここに来るように言った。)

I asked him to come here. (私は彼にここに来るように頼んだ。)

I wanted him to come here. (私は彼にここに来てほしかった。)

I told him to come here. (私は彼にここに来るように言った。)
  I said to him, "Come here." (私は彼に「ここに来なさい」と言った。)  

I asked him to come here. (私は彼にここに来るように頼んだ。)
  I said to him, "Please come here." (私は彼に「ここに来てください」と言った。)  

want+A+不定詞を、ていねいな表現にするときは、would like+A+不定詞を使う。
I want you to read the book. (私はあなたに本を読んでほしい。)
  I would like you to read the book. (私はあなたに本を読んでほしいです。)  

The person to answer the question can get a prize. (その問題に答えた人は賞品をもらえます。)
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