■ Hello School 英語 (ハロ英 Ver.2) Lesson 22 分詞 Part.1  ■


Hi, Haromi and Manami.
What are you doing?

 We are reviewing English grammar.
 Studying immediately once again is important.
 Have you learned the participle yet?

No, I haven't.
I will learn it at the next class.
What's the participle?

 The participle has the present participle and the past participle.
 It uses to explain a noun.
 For example, "I know the running boy".
 The word of "running" is one of the present participle,
 and explains "boy" of a noun.

The present participle means "doing", doesn't it?

 That's right.

 There is other example sentence.
 "I know the boy running over there".

 If you want to explain by using only the participle, put it before the noun.

Is it "the running boy" or "the singing girl"?

 Yes, it is.
 If you want to explain by using the participle and phrases,
 put it behind the noun.

Is it "I know the girl singing on the stage."?

 Yes, it is.

I understand.

 The past participle is also used in the same way.

If we study more, the expression of words will increase more.


review 見直す、復習する
immediately すぐに
participle 分詞
present 現在の、贈る
present participle 現在分詞
past 過去の
past participle 過去分詞
noun 名詞
for example   例えば
word   言葉
mean 意味する
"doing" ここでは「〜している」
example 例え
over there 向こうで
behind 後ろ
expression 表現
increase 増加する


I know the boy. (私は少年を知っている。)
  I know the running boy. (私は走っている少年を知っている。)  
  I know the boy running over there.   (私は向こうで走っている少年を知っている。)  
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