■ Hello School 英語 (ハロ英 Ver.2) Lesson 22 分詞 Part.2  ■


 Hi, Haromi and Sukuo.
 How was the work experience?

 We went to a major mail order company.
 I worked as one of the flow work.
 I was in charge of the packing work.

I did the pickng work.
It was a task to search for the goods from the shelf according to order.
I put the goods in a tote box after I picked it.
I repeated the task over and over.

 I packed the picked goods.
 As the size of the packing box is different from each the goods,
 it was hard to choose the box.
 I had to pack it carefully.
 Because the boxes packed by me send directly to the purchasers.

 How long have you worked there?

For two hours.
The first hour was the description of the company.
We went to many working areas in the company for the next 30 minutes.
Actually we worked for about 30 minutes.

 Did you have a good experience?

 It was fun for me to work.

It was not fit for me to do the picking work.
I will consider other occupations.
I prefer office work.


experience 経験
work experience   職業体験
major 大きい、大手
order 注文
mail order 通信販売
company 会社
flow 流れる
flow work 流れ作業
in charge of 担当する
pack 詰め込む、梱包する
packing work 梱包作業、パック作業
pick 摘む ピックする
pickng work ピック作業
task 仕事
goods 商品
according to 〜によると、〜に従って
tote 運搬
repeat 繰り返す
over and over 何度も
size 大きさ、サイズ
be different from 〜と異なる
directly 直接的に
purchaser 購入者
description 描写、記述、説明
area 場所
actually 実際に
fit 合う
occupation   職業
prefer 好む、〜の方がいい
office   事務所、会社
office work   事務職

Look at the wall. (壁を見てください。)
Look at the painted wall. (塗られた壁を見てください。)  
Lookk at the wall painted blue. (青く塗られた壁を見てください。)  
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