■ Hello School 英語 (ハロ英 Ver.2) Lesson 23 関係代名詞 Part.1  ■

Hello Haromi and Manami.

 Hi, Sukuharu.
 Have you studied firmly today too?

Today I studied geography using the map of Japan.

 Do you know Inou Tadataka?

I don't know. Who is he?

 He was a person who made exactly a map of Japan in the Edo period.
 The latest map is made using artificial satellites.
 There were no such machines at that time.

How did he make the map of Japan?

 Tadataka trained to walk with a certain stride.
 That one step is exactly 69 cm.
 He calculated the distance from the number of steps.
 After he measured the distance, he checked the direction using the protractor.
 He repeatedly repeated this work.

That's great!

 And the map creation continued for the night as well.
 He observed the star such as the Polaris star, checked his position.

How long has he measured?

 For 17 years.

For 17 years! It is longer than my age.

 Effort is more important than anything else.


firmly しっかりと
Inou Tadataka 伊能忠敬
exactly 正確に
Edo period 江戸時代
artificial 人工の
satellite 衛星
rtificial satellites 人工衛星
machine 機械
train 訓練する
certain 一定の
stride 歩幅
calculat 〜を計算する
distance 距離
measure 測定する
check 確認する
direction 方向
protractor 分度器
repeatedly 何度も
repeat 繰り返す
creation 作成、創作
continue 続ける
as well 同様に、また
observe 観測する、観察する
the Polaris star 北極星
position 位置、地位


 I know the boy.とHe speaks English.という2つの文を1つの文にまとめるとき、the boyとHeは同一人物なので、the boyを残し、
 このとき、whoの前にある修飾されるthe boyを先行詞という。

I know the boy . He speaks English.     (私は少年を知っている。彼は英語を話す。)
主格 (the boy=He)  
I know the boy who speaks English.     (私は英語を話す少年を知っている。)
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