■ Hello School 英語 (ハロ英 Ver.2) Lesson 23 関係代名詞 Part.3  ■


Hi, Haromi and Manami.
Japanese people that succeed in the world is increasing.
Especially, in the field of sports, his or her name is known all over the world.

 Their efforts that left many results are great.
 I want to watch the people and their training that have interested me.

By the way,
who was the first person that was recognized in the world?

 Perhaps Abe no Nakamaro.
 He passed the stringent Chinese exam of those days.
 If the person passed the exam, he was able to be recognized in the world.
 People from all over the world got the exam.

 His tanka that was selected for Hyakunin Isshu is very famous.
 "Amanohara furisake mireba kasuganaru
  Mikasa no yamani ideshi tsukikamo."

I don't understand the meaning of his tanka.

 When I look the sky, that moon is the moon that was in Mikasayama of Kasuga,
 the hometown of the past.

 Rihaku who was known as a poet in the world was his friend.

That's great!
Great people are different from us.

 I don't think so.
 We were same ability when we were born.
 I think that they built up the efforts.
 We have to learn many things from them.

That is the most important point that makes us excellent.


succeed 成功する
results 結果
training 練習
recognize 認める
perhaps 多分
Abe no Nakamaro   阿倍仲麻呂
Chinese   中国の
stringent 厳しい
select 選ぶ
Hyakunin Isshu   百人一首
meaning 意味
Mikasayama 三笠山
Kasuga 春日
hometown 故郷
past   過去
Rihaku   李白
poet 詩人
ability 能力
born 生む
built build(建てる)
build up 築き上げる


I want to see a man that (who) speaks English. (私は英語を話す人に会いたい。)

I want a book that (which) is written in English. (私は英語で書かれている本が欲しい。)


Can you see a boy and his dog that are running over there?. (向こうで走っている少年と犬が見えますか。)

先行詞にthe first、allなどがある場合
He is the first man that came here. (彼はここに来た最初の人です。)

the first、all以外にも
 the last(最後の)、 the only(唯一の)、 the same(同じ)、 every(すべての)、 any(どんな〜でも)
 no(少しも〜ない)、 everything(何もかも)、 everyone(だれでも)、 anything(どんなものでも) nothing(何も〜ない)

Who is the girl that is talking with him? (彼と話している女の子は誰ですか。)

This is the most expensive goods that sells at that shop. (これはあの店で売っている一番高価な商品です。)
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