■ Hello School 英語 (ハロ英 Ver.2) Lesson 24 関係代名詞(2) Part.1  ■



 Hi, Sukuo.
 What's that in your hand?

I bought this robot by mail order.
He is a baby whose name is Sukurobo.

 Did you name it?

Yes, I did.

 This is a robot whose body is a ball.
 Can it walk?

He can understand human speech,
and walks automatically.
Try to talk.

 Come here.

 He doesn't come here.

 Sukurobo, come here.

 He starts to walk.
 When I call his name, he reacts.

 Sukurobo, what time is it now,?
 If he says 16:25, he is correct.

Lunchtime is almost over.

 Is it out of order?

So he is a baby whose knowledge is imperfect yet.
He needs to learn a lot of things.

 Sukurobo, what did you do yesterday?

I hung out in the room.

 He could answer correctly.

 Sukurobo, will you do me a favor?

What are you worried about anything?

 Can you help me with my homework?
 If you do so, you can add to your knowledge.

I'd love to.


robot ロボット
mail order 通販
baby 赤ん坊
walk 歩く
human 人間、人間の
speech 言葉、スピーチ
automatically 自動的に
start 始める
call 呼ぶ
react   反応する
correct 正しい
lunchtime 昼食の時間
almost ほとんど
over 終わる
out of order 故障している
knowledge 知識
imperfect 不完全な
need 必要とする
hung out 遊ぶ
correctly 正しく
will you do me a favor? お願いがあるのですが
worried worry(心配する)の過去分詞
I'd love to ぜひお願いします

 I know the boy.とHis name is Sukuo.という2つの文を1つの文にまとめるとき、the boyとSukuoは同一人物なので、the boyを残し、

I know the boy . His name is Sukuo.     (私は少年を知っている。彼の名前はすく男です。)
所有格 (the boy=His)  
I know the boy whose name is Sukuo.     (私は名前がすく男という少年を知っている。)

I know the book whose title is Kumo no ito.     (私は題名が蜘蛛の糸という本を知っている。)
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