■ Hello School 英語 (ハロ英 Ver.2) Lesson 26 総合 Part.2  ■


Ten years later.

Sukuo works at a mail order company.
He mainly manages the goods the company sells.
And he is trusted by everyone because he works seriously.

Haromi works for a city hall.
She is in the department to support people with disabilities.
She responds kindly to them.

Manami still has her mental disorder.
But she passed some exams and graduated from a university.
Now she works at a junior high school as a math teacher.
Her classes are easy to understand and are loved by students.

They never met each other after they graduated from junior high school.

Although each of them works with responsibility,
they have little time to consider themselves.
But they have never forgotten the phrase that decided
at the last day of junior high school life.

That phrase encourages them and becomes the vitality of the days.

manage 管理する
trust 頼る
seriously 真面目に
city hall 市役所
department 部門
support 支援する
disabilitiy 障害
respond 応対する
graduat 卒業する
each other お互い
responsibility 責任
consider 考える
encourage 励ます
vitality 活力

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