■ Hello School 英語 (ハロ英 Ver.2) Lesson 21 不定詞(2) Part.1  ■


Hi, Haromi and Manami.
Do you study Ise story?

 Of course.
 Becouse we use same textbook though we are different class.

I don't know how to read the part of tanka.

 Is it Tsutsuizutsu?

Yes, it is.
I don't know where to divide.

 Open your textbook.
 I read the tanka.
 "Tsutsuitsuno izutsuni kakeshi marogatake
 sugini kerashina imo mizarumani."

It's difficult.
I don't understand the meaning of this tanka.

 The tanka said that I compared my heiight with the round well when I was a child.
 But now I have already passed the height of the well while I have not met you.

Japanese classical literature is more difficult than English.

 Grammar is complicated.

Which do you study mainly, grammar or sentence?
I don't know which way to study.

 We can learn English by speaking, but we can't speak Japanese old language.
 So I read many Japanese classical literature.

 Anyway you should study not to neglect your efforts.

I do my best.


Ise story 伊勢物語
same 同じ
how to 〜のし方
part 部分
tanka 短歌
Tsutsuizutsu 筒井筒
where to どこで〜すべきか
divide 分ける
meaning 意味
compared A with B AとBを比較する
heiight 身長
round 丸い
well 井戸、よい
child 子ども
classical 古典的な
literature 文学
grammar 文法
complicated 複雑な
mainly   主に
sentence    文章
way   方法、道
language   言語
old language   古語
neglect   怠る


how to use. (使い方がわからない。)
  whaat to do. (何をすべきかわからない。)  
  I don't know when to start.   (いつ行くべきかわからない。)      
    where to go.   (どこへ行くべきかわからない。)      
    which to choose.   (どっちを選ぶべきかわからない。)      

Please tell me what book to read. (何の本を読むべきか教えてください。)
  Please tell me which way to go. (どっちの道を行くべきか教えてください。)  

I decided to see him. (私は彼に会うことを決めた。)
  I didn't decide   to see him.   (私は彼に会うことを決めなかった。)  
  I decided not to see him.   (私は彼に会わないことを決めた。)  
  I   decided never to see him.   (私は彼に決して会わないことを決めた。)  
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