■ Hello School 英語 (ハロ英 Ver.2) Lesson 23 関係代名詞 Part.2  ■


Hi, Haromi and Manami.
I must write a report reading a book.
This is the list which is recommended by our teacher.

 "Ningen shikkaku", "Jigokuhen",…
 I know most of the titles, but I've never read these stories.

I don't know what to read.

 How about Akutagawa Ryunosuke?
 The stories which was written by him are short.

 I heared that his stories are short, but there are difficult expressions.
 It seems to be difficult to read the expressions of feeling.
 That is the value of his work.

I think I can't understand his expressions even if I read.
How about Dazai Osamu?

 Dazai Osamu or Natsume Soseki's novels are known to everyone
 but the contents are difficult.
 It seems that we can't read it because we don't know
 the background of the era.

I like to read mystery novels.
It is not on the list.

 I think that 'Yabu no naka' which was written by Akutagawa is good.
 It's mysterious story.
 Of course the content is difficult.


report レポート
list   リスト
which 文法参照
ecommend 推薦する
Ningen shikkaku 人間失格
Jigokuhen 地獄変
most of 〜のほとんど
title 題名
Akutagawa Ryunosuke 芥川龍之介
expression 表現
It seems 〜 〜のようです
feeling 感情
value 価値
work ここでは作品
even if 例え〜しても
Dazai Osamu 太宰治
Natsume Soseki 夏目漱石
content 内容
background 背景
era 時代
mystery novels   推理小説
Yabu no naka 藪の中
mysterious 謎な

 I have a book.とIt makes me happy.という2つの文を1つの文にまとめるとき、a bookとItは同一なので、
 a bookを先行詞として残し、Itは格でいうと主格にあたり、先行詞が人以外の場合whichを用いて文をつなげる。

I have a book. . It makes me happy.     (私は本を持っている。それは私を幸せにする。)
主格 (a book=It)  
I have a book which makes me happy.     (私は私を幸せにする本を持っている。)
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